According to statistics from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), there are 43 cases of falling window cases this year despite the fines (maximum $10,000) or jail term (up to one year) for breaching window safety regulation and the awareness campaign exercised by BCA. The number of fallen window this year of 43 cases may be more as some of the fallen window cases are not reported. Twenty residents were fine for failing to comply with retrofitting order.

Minimum Safety Requirements for Installation / Replacement of New Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Sliding Windows Image 03


Safety devices
To install the following :
  • Polyethelene sliding window self-locking safety device (2 nos. per panel)
  • Synthetic resin stoppers at top of window outer frame [minimum 2 nos. per panel width and repeat the same along the track. The stopper shall be fastened with stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent rivet/screw of minimum 4 mm dia. [Refer to drawing for spacing of stoppers]
  • Aluminium bottom outer frame with fixed angle facing outside
     Dimension "b" shall be minimum 1.5 times dimension "a".
Sliding panel
  • Maximum width not exceeding 1,200mm
     Aluminium Adjustable/Fixed Louvre Vent
Glass lourves
  • Minimum glass thickness not less than 6mm
  • Wire-glass type
Glass louvres safety device
  • Aluminium U-channel cleat at every glass louvre

Aluminium Casement Windows


Friction stay
  • Stainless steel grade 304 or equivalent
  • Minimum thickness not less than 2.5mm
  • Length not less than 1/2 width of window leaf
Window leaf
  • Maximum width not exceeding 700mm
Aluminium section for screw connection
  • Minimum thickness 2.75 mm
Connection of friction stay to window frame
  • Stainless steel grade 304 self-tapping screw of minimum size no. 8 (4mm). If aluminium section is not less than 3mm thick, epoxy coated screw can be used
  • Minimum 4 screws on each side of friction stay
Corner brackets (if used) for corners of window leaf
  • Zinc cast corner brackets